Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Cant believe I'm blogging two posts in two days wow, my darlings all had a sleep today so whats a mum to do but drag out the sewing machine  and do some much needed Christmas sewing.

Joshua has decided he would like me to make his preschool teachers gifts as he thinks they will get a sore tummy from all the chocolates they get (bless him!)
I modified the pattern to fit my notebooks better and this one turned out perfect the other was a tiny bit small.

Once that was finished they still hadn't woken up so thought id get to work modifying my crayon roll pattern to hold some paper and stickers, finished art creations ect.
next time will change the closure only did velcro as its going to an under 4 who struggles with snaps, im going to be making a few of these as Joshua and zoe wont one two and make great gifts for little people, the older ones will probably get my art folio case once I find my pattern (its floating around somewhere)

Monday, November 9, 2009

From the depts of the craft room

Been busy sewing and knitting this past few weeks  and funnily enough none of it was for Christmas pressies naughty aye lol.
First up is a Tiered skirt that was for my nieces 9Th birthday last weekend gosh its the first time Ive sew-in anything bigger then a size 4 so many layers to gather!.


Next up a new skirt for Zoe's summer wardrobe

Peasant dress that looks like a nightie to me lol

Another Skirt love this pattern made with only a fat quarter how cool is that!

                           Little miss green jeans, this is my fave cardie that Ive knitted so far just too cute!
Pattern is here

Finally I took part in a recipe swap with a group of friends this is my contribution, caramel slice, covered notebook with pen holder and a appliqued tea towel (do you know how hard it is to find plain tea towels managed to find a pack of two so brought the lot to make Christmas pressies too) hope she like them.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who would of though....

I have a confession to make.......
I use to think knitted dresses were really old fashioned and naff, my daughter would never be seen dead in one.
Well I've eaten my words as Ive now knitted Three and have cast on a fourth!
So what changed my mind?
A very clever friend was asking for knitters to test her pattern The March Sisters four gorgeous pinafores based on the girls in the book Little woman.
I test knitted Jo!

While waiting for Kelly to release The march sisters (meg is next on my list) I decided to give pinny for a dolly a go
Both of these patterns plus many more by Kelly Brooker can be found here

So now I was on a roll and looking for another dress to knit Tikki released her Bloom a dress that grows with your wee dot.

If you have been reluctant to knit a dress I urge you to cast on one of these two patterns you so wont be disappointed .