Monday, November 9, 2009

From the depts of the craft room

Been busy sewing and knitting this past few weeks  and funnily enough none of it was for Christmas pressies naughty aye lol.
First up is a Tiered skirt that was for my nieces 9Th birthday last weekend gosh its the first time Ive sew-in anything bigger then a size 4 so many layers to gather!.


Next up a new skirt for Zoe's summer wardrobe

Peasant dress that looks like a nightie to me lol

Another Skirt love this pattern made with only a fat quarter how cool is that!

                           Little miss green jeans, this is my fave cardie that Ive knitted so far just too cute!
Pattern is here

Finally I took part in a recipe swap with a group of friends this is my contribution, caramel slice, covered notebook with pen holder and a appliqued tea towel (do you know how hard it is to find plain tea towels managed to find a pack of two so brought the lot to make Christmas pressies too) hope she like them.



  1. WOW you've been a very busy lady! Now that I've worked out how to "follow" blogs I'll be able to see what you've been up to (since can't imagine to save myself lol).
    Well done chickee!

  2. What a machine - you've been super busy! Your little miss looks gorgeous in your creations :)

  3. thanks guys for the kind words, will try to update regulary for you ; )