Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who would of though....

I have a confession to make.......
I use to think knitted dresses were really old fashioned and naff, my daughter would never be seen dead in one.
Well I've eaten my words as Ive now knitted Three and have cast on a fourth!
So what changed my mind?
A very clever friend was asking for knitters to test her pattern The March Sisters four gorgeous pinafores based on the girls in the book Little woman.
I test knitted Jo!

While waiting for Kelly to release The march sisters (meg is next on my list) I decided to give pinny for a dolly a go
Both of these patterns plus many more by Kelly Brooker can be found here

So now I was on a roll and looking for another dress to knit Tikki released her Bloom a dress that grows with your wee dot.

If you have been reluctant to knit a dress I urge you to cast on one of these two patterns you so wont be disappointed .

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